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Whole Body & Colon Program
Whole Body & Colon Program
Whole Body & Colon Program

Whole Body & Colon Program

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What is 'Inner Cleansing' & why do I need it?

How would you feel if you never showered, washed your hair, or brushed your teeth?  Bad right? Consider that most of what you are scrubbing off your body, originated in your body.  How do you feel after you shower? After removing the day’s wastes from just the outer layer of cells?    Energetic and refreshed right? Right. That’s just the top layer of cells!! Imagine how you might look and feel if you did that for 30 days, on the inside!

Helping your body to rid itself of the inner wastes that accumulate as a byproduct of daily metabolism is called inner cleansing. Fasting,  sauna’s, limited food diets, water or juice fasting are examples of these. This program is designed to gently, naturally stimulate your body to initiate a completer biological, inner washing.   It’s kind of like sending a cleaning crew with mops, vacuums, cleaning fluids, towels, trash cans, hoses, dusters etc. to do a complete and thorough clean up. That’s why you need it!

Two Part Program.

Colon Program:

100% Herbal:  Helps to cleanse and stimulate the bowel.  The goal is to get your bowels moving two to three times a day, and to rid the digestive track of the  internal sticky waste buildup that may be interfering with the full absorption of the nutrients in your food.  It is one reason, you might be hungry all the time, or overeat unnecessarily.

Whole Body Program:

100% Herbal:  The Whole Body Program helps to cleanse the rest of the body.

It helps to stimulate and initiate the cleansing process off the rest of the cells and tissues.   Remember, each cell of your body, is like a mini carbon, oxygen engine, consuming energy, and releasing wastes in the process.  The Whole Body part of the program, focuses on helping to purify those cells and systems, while stimulating circulation, digestion, cleansing and more. Think in terms of loosening up, dissolving and washing away the inner impurities that have accumluated over time. It’s kind of an odd thing to describe,  but once you try it for yourself, you will be a believer, as have countless millions before you. Highly recommended!

First time takes a bit longer.  3 Months to a Better You

If you never emptied the trash, washed the floor, did your laundry, cleaned the pipes, air filters and other systems in your our house or garage, the first time you cleaned up, it would take longer than subsequent cleanings right? Right. Similarly, the first time you do our cleanse, it takes a bit longer, than subsequent purifications.

So think about 3 months the first time, and then after that,what works for most people is to do one week a month, in this manner, you can maintain your purity.

Is it easy?

Well, if you can swallow yes.  We do however suggest going slow at first, taking a few tablets, twice a day, with lots of water.  Complete directions are on the bottle, and the accompanying literature.