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Heart & Lung Health

The Daily Risk of Heart & Lung Disease

heartEvery day we eat, smoke and drink substances that makes our bodies sick. In vain, the body tries to warn us by giving us symptoms. We misunderstand these symptoms and then suppress them with drugs or even surgeries. Suppressing these symptoms does not heal them, it only makes the body work harder to get your attention. Result? Increasingly worse symptoms. Does your heart double beat, skip a beat or triple beat? Blockages of the arteries often end up in surgery unless artery health is addressed with paramount importance. Heart attacks generally occur once, often with fatal results. Your heart should beat (without fail) 35 million times a year. Every beat should move oxygen-enriched blood throughout your system. Therefore, it is no stretch to say that the function of your heart and lungs is vital for a healthy and productive life.

The Chinese say the kidneys are the master organs which run the heart. As the kidneys regulate so much of the system, this is true. Consequently, think of your kidneys and heart as a team with the lungs supporting both. Our lungs and heart will try to work in spite of tobacco smoke, insecticides, solvents, alcohol, sugar, white flour etc. Imagine a work environment that featured regular beatings and chemical poisoning of its employees. Would anyone work there? Sadly your heart and lungs do not have the ability to verbally say object, so they speak via symptoms. A disease is as loud as the body can speak. Only death speaks louder. Supporting the structure and function of the heart and lungs is a matter of life and death.

Heart & Lung Facts

  • Blood circulated one revolution around your body every 30 to 45 seconds.
  • Every heart beat moves 1/3 cup of blood from point A to B.
  • The average heart should last 77.2 years.
  • Your heart is about the size of your fist.
  • Your heart pumps 600,000 gallons of blood a year.
  • At rest you will inhale and exhale between 14 to 16 times per minute.
  • During exercise your breaths can increase to 60 times per minute.
  • Each breath moves approximately 350 ml of oxygen into the lungs.
  • The lungs are the only organ in the body that can float on water.
  • If stretched out the interior of the lungs would cover a tennis court.
  • The same substances that harm the heart also harm the lungs.

Are your heart & lungs at risk?

  1. Do you work in a dirty/dusty or toxic environment?
  2. Suffer with congestion?
  3. Have Asthma?
  4. Family history of heart problems?
  5. Family history of lung problems?
  6. Family history of kidney issues or diabetes?
  7. Short of breath?
  8. Hard to breath?
  9. Easily overworked and tired?
  10. Do you breath or ingest heavy chemicals?
  11. Chest pain?
  12. Exhausted between 3pm and 9pm?
  13. Experience midday burnout from 11am until 1pm?
  14. Aware of any kidney issues or symptoms?
  15. Scaring, moles, pimples or wrinkles on the upper lip?
  16. Vertical line or crease on either ear lobe?
  17. Blemishes, scaring, flaking or redness in the hollows of your cheeks?

The more positive answers (or yes answers) to the above questions, the more it is necessary to use both Heart & Lung Plus™, with Kidney Rescue™.