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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Q: The bottle says to take it with breakfast and dinner. I don’t eat one or both of those meals, what do I do?

A: Take it anyway. Taking it with a meal is not as important as taking it.

Q: I am taking (a certain prescription) from my doctor. Should I take this instead, or with my prescription?

A: That is a question only your doctor can answer. Show this product to your doctor and let him or her make that decision. We can’t give out that kind of advice. If we did, we would be overriding your doctors authority. Even if your doctor is not versed in herbs, it is still up to him or her to make the final judgment.

Q: The bottle says take it before a meal, I get an upset stomach so can I take it during or after a meal instead?

A: Sure! Taking it before a meal is only important if it doesn’t bother you. The important thing is to take it.

Q: I always forget to take the tablets. What can I do?

A: Leave it by your bed stand with a bottle of water. When you wake up, you will see it and be able to remember to take it. When you go to bed, you will be able to see it again and be able to take it. Easy!

Q: Do I have to change my diet to use this?

A: It is always a good idea to change ones diet if needed. But if it is going to be too hard to, don’t change a thing. You will eventually feel good enough to change your diet on your own.

Q: How come I run out of one bottle faster than the other. Why don’t you make bigger bottles?

A: As it turns out, there is no set way of taking the products. Some people use more of one bottle than the other. Given the product is in two bottles, there will most likely always be a little of one left over.

Q: My spouse / friend / relative uses more of (a certain product) than I do. When I try to use as much as them, I get sick. What is up with that?

A: Everyone is different. Some people need more, some people need less. You just have to adjust the dosage to fit you. This is not a race. There is no trophy for who gets done the fastest or slowest. Take your time and be patient.

Q: When I order, how long will it take to receive the product I ordered?

A: It depends where you are. In Canada, it can take a month. In the US, it usually takes 7 to 10 working days. In other parts of the world, it could take 10 days to a month.

Q: Is the Pure Body Institute an MLM (multi level marketing company)?

A: No, not at all, we are strictly wholesale / retail.

Q: Do you use organic herbs?

A: No, we use what is called Wild Crafted herbs. Herbs that are not sprayed or irradiated. Organic is great, but supplies are costly and not always plentiful.

Q: Should I stop taking my vitamins when I take this product?

A: No. If they are working and you like them keep taking your vitamins. Our products do not replace vitamins. While there is some nutrient value in the herbs there is not enough to make up for the vitamins you are taking.

Q: Is there any wheat gluten, sugar, colorings, dyes, yeast, soy or starch in this product?

A: No, none. We are wheat gluten, sugar, coloring, dye, yeast, soy and starch free!

Q: Where can I find your products outside of this web site?

A: We are found in many doctors offices around the world.

Q: Were you guys ever known as Pure Fast 30?

A: Yes. Whole Body and Colon Cleanse was purchased in mass amounts by Talk America and sold under the Pure Fast 30 label. So if you ever bought Pure Fast 30, you bought our Whole Body and Colon Cleanse.

Q: I think I have purchased the Whole Body and Colon Cleanse with another companies name on it. Is that possible?

A: Yes. Our herbal product line is one of the most “Private Labeled” product line in the world. In other words XYZ company contacts us and wants to make a large purchase from us and to put their label on our product. We have no problem with that. There are approximately 12 companies that are private labeling our product right now.

Q: I am a doctor / practitioner / health food store, and I want to carry your product in my office or location. Can I?

A: Sure. E-mail or call us and we will explain how that is done.

Q: I have heard water is very important to me and to the body in general. How much should I drink a day.

A: The average person will lose between 48 to 64 ounces just breathing. That is why your breath will show on a mirror or window, it is full of water. We are constantly dehydrating. Depending on what we eat, our activity level and the part of the world we live in, our needs for water may be much, much higher. A good rule of thumb is to try to drink 80 to 100 ounces of water a day. Avoid caffeine at all costs. Why? It is a diuretic and will cause your body to throw off water it vitally needs. Imagine trying to put out a house fire with a squirt gun or take a shower with an eye dropper. It would be almost impossible. Water is what your body runs on, give it as much as you can.

Q: I hear a lot about constipation. What is the definition of it so I can tell if I am or not?

A: Constipation is defined as having less than one elimination or bowel movement per meal. Therefore, if you eat 3 times a day you should have 3 elimination’s per day. Anything less is constipation.

Q: I am taking Metamucil or something sold at the store for constipation. Should I just stop and take your Whole Body and Colon Cleanse?

A: No. You are going to want to cut back on what you are taking gradually as what you have been using is creating some effect on your body. In other words, your body is used to it. You want to use two products at the same time and then wean yourself away form the store product until you are comfortably using our products.

Q: I am completely confused. I don’t know what to do, my situation with my body and this product. What should I do?

A: E-mail us or call us and we will spend time sorting out your dilemma. We will do our best to help you.