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Without Oxygen, All Life Vanishes…






Health vanishes in the absence of these factors.


What Is It?

Lack of circulation or lack of oxygen. Every problem of the body, regardless of the details, has these three factors as its basic element. This is why a toothache hurts. The decay in the tooth has blocked the flow of energy through the tooth. The space (or cavity) has no substance (matter) to conduct energy flow, thus we feel pain.

Where energy flow / circulation / oxygen flow has been repaired, pain dissipates and the body heals itself.

Exhausted? Tired? No Energy?


While it is commonly accepted as normal to live in a broken-down body, it is completely avoidable. Decay is not a normal state to live in.

Drug companies try to convince us that aches, pains and declining health are normal and that the solution is to buy drugs to hide your woes. We are taught that if we do grow old, our future will be made easier with use of stronger chemicals. But as one experiences pain, he withdraws from life. If one is sedated he withdraws from life. If one is in pain and on drugs, where is he then?

Imagine a body full of energy, with healthy skin and few if any pains to be found.

When the body is healthy, emotions do not need to be medicated. A strong love life is normal as is a full nights sleep. In a healthy body, energy does not need to be found or pushed, it is there naturally. Your body is capable of repairing itself naturally if given the chance. All it needs is food, energy, circulation and oxygen.

Identifying a Healthy Body

A healthy body will:

  • Not rapidly gain or lose significant weight
  • Not be overweight / under weight (anemic)
  • Have one elimination or bowel movement per meal consumed
  • Not look older than its age
  • Have supple elastic skin on the body
  • Not itch
  • Sleep well
  • Have good muscle tone
  • Not have dry skin
  • Not have acne
  • Not have age spots
  • Not have skin discolorations
  • Have a healthy pink tongue
  • Not have sore joints or muscles
  • Have hair and nails that grow rapidly
  • Have somewhat oily skin (on the face)
  • Have moons on all fingers except the pinkies
  • Not have recurring pain or persistent / chronic pain
  • Not have uneven emotions
  • Not need coffee or stimulants to start or continue the day

Take This Health Quiz:

  1. Could your health be better than it is?
  2. Are you often cold?
  3. Is your circulation off?
  4. Do you have cold hands or feet?
  5. Do you use supplements that are not strong enough?
  6. Do you recover easily from injury?
  7. Do you have less than 4 fingernail moons per hand (not counting the pinky finger, where there should be no moon)?
  8. Do your fingernails have noticeable ridges on them (the surface of the nail)?
  9. Is your skin dry?
  10. Are you aging faster than you should be?
  11. Do you have recurring issues with your liver?
  12. Do you have recurring issues with your kidneys?
  13. Are you always tired?
  14. Are the whites of your eyes grey?
  15. Do you have poor circulation in some part of your body?

Answering yes to more than TWO of the above questions, indicates that oxygen / energy flow / circulation has decreased.