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Immune Support

When you get hit with the latest “bug”, it can stop you right in your tracks.


Earth is an incubator for rampant, carnivorous germs and bacteria! That is what an extraterrestrial might say if he studied Earth for any length of time. It takes work to stay well. Look at the news, flu-this and colds-that everywhere. If it is not the Asian Flu it is the San Juan Turtle Dove Coughing Disease or some such thing.

Any of our elements can make us sick… rain, sleet, snow, heat, cold etc. All of these variables take their toll on us and leave us susceptible to “coming down” with something. Most people agree, it is not how often you get sick, it is how fast you get well that matters.

Today, with so much against us, diet, elements, chemicals, air pollution, germs, etc. it is amazing that our immune systems functions at all. To understand what an immune system under siege would feel like, imagine that you are a gardener, chemist, sanitation worker, house keeper, soldier, fork lift operator, air traffic control operator and grocery store clerk, all at the same time and you were being robbed. Under these conditions, being overwhelmed by bio-hazards is easy.

lymphathicThat is why Seasonal Rescue™ is so important. It supports the immune system in resetting itself and doing its job against the odds.

How Do Germs Make Their Way Into Our Immune System?

They can be:
1) Inhaled
2) Consumed (in food or drink)
3) Absorbed (via contact with the skin or mucus membranes)

If it was not for having to breath, eat, drink and interact with the environment we would never become ill.

The Top 10 Ways to Get Germs:
1) Cuts and scratches
2) Air borne
3) The office
4) Family
5) Food / water
6) Pets
7) Public facilities including water fountains
8) Restaurants
9) Make-up counter (lipstick testers)
10) Unclean hands and fingernails

Who Needs Seasonal Rescue™?

  1. Anyone who gets sick easily.
  2. Anyone who works in an office environment.
  3. Anyone who is exposed to the elements
  4. Anyone with a history of the flu.
  5. Anyone who suspects they were exposed to “something.”
  6. Anyone who wants to prevent sickness.
  7. Anyone who feels rundown.
  8. Anyone who has or suffers with allergies.
  9. Anyone who wants to protect themselves from sickness.
  10. Anyone with a cold.
  11. Anyone with a fever.
  12. Anyone with a sore throat.
  13. Anyone “under the weather”.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, take Seasonal Rescue™.