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pH Balancer 8.0

pH Balancer 8.0

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Why pH Balance is Important
The majority of the "foods" that are being pushed on us are acid-producing and harmful. These acid-forming foods create intense cravings. The "fast food mega giants" use sugar, salt, sodium, caffeine, alcohol and preservatives to produce silent addictions, guarantying our daily and even hourly allegiance. In the face of this dietary ambush it is up to us to alkalize our bodies 24 hours a day. Proper body function is impossible unless appropriate pH balance is maintained.

The pH Story
The pH scale's purpose is to determine if a body or system is acidic or alkaline. Experts agree that the more alkaline the human body is the better chance it has of being healthy. The initials pH stand for "potential hydrogen." Hydrogen is a common chemical that is found throughout the universe. Stretching from 0 to 14, the pH scale finds extreme acidity at 0 and total alkalinity at 14. Whenever acid comes in contact with organic material, hydrogen is released. The more hydrogen that is present, the more acidic the condition will be and the lower the pH level. An organism's quality of life can be calculated by how acidic or alkaline it happens to be. Any life form that is immersed in total acid (at pH level 0) will quickly succumb to its corrosiveness. The longer a body is in contact with acid, the more it is damaged and the longer it will take to recover.